Clean Birth Kit Instruction Sheets (warning: Graphic!)

As I researched clean birth kits and their effectiveness, I learned two things (well, actually, I learned a lot more than two things … but two basic precepts):

1. The contents of clean birth kits are standardized and simple: a clean birth surface (trash bag or chux pad), gloves (universal precautions), soap (same), razor to cut the umbilical cord, string of some sort to tie the umbilical cord.

2. Although these contents are very logical and simple, it accomplishes little for someone get the baggie full of goodies if there are not simple instructions included.  Furthermore, I was unable to find a standard set of instructions that could be included in the birth kits.

SOLUTION!  So, I put a note up on my Facebook to see if anyone might be interested in helping me with this little art project. I figured the drawings needed to be simple, black and white, and VERY easy to understand. The idea is to make it so that anyone who might find themself in the presence of a birthing woman and in possession of a clean birth kit could use the contents to potentially improve the outcome.

A sweet friend volunteered to help and we met over coffee one afternoon a few weeks ago. I am super excited to share her excellent work here on the Train Midwives Save Lives blog.

WARNING: THE GRAPHICS (below) are just that — GRAPHIC!

I’m looking forward to comments on how we can improve the pictures / instructions.  Do they make sense? Is it an issue that they read left-to-right? If you had no idea what the baggie was for, would you be able to figure it out?

If you are someone who is making clean birth kits and sharing them with women / midwives in the the developing world and you feel that these graphics would be useful to the people who are receiving your clean birth kits, PLEASE feel free to use them! For the purposes of this post, I am including only the 1-per page version. There is another file available that is sized so that you can print 4-per page. If you’d like this, just email and I’ll forward it on to you.

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2 thoughts on “Clean Birth Kit Instruction Sheets (warning: Graphic!)

  1. Tammy says:

    There should be a step to show the razor blade being cleaned.

    • I don’t disagree with you comment. Ideally, this step would be on the sheet. However, the razors in the kits are individually cleaned and packed to try to avoid this step. Also, if the cord is cut long, as shown in the picture, then the infection risk is significantly decreased.

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