how are umbilical cords severed?

Comments please!  You do not need to be a midwife to comment, just someone who knows what the local practices are for babies born outside of a facility. If you would prefer to email, send your response to . 

I am interested in gathering data regarding practices around severing the baby’s umbilical cord.  I would like to have a sampling of what the practice is from as many locales as possible. In particular, I’m interested in your answers to the following questions: 

At what point after a normal birth is the cord severed?  (immediately, after ____ minutes, or after _______ has occurred, etc.)

What is the method of severing the cord?

How is the umbilical stump cared for afterward?

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One thought on “how are umbilical cords severed?

  1. Carrie says:

    I will start the comment thread. Homebirth in the USA, cords are cut anywhere from a few minutes after birth to a few hours after birth. Most of the time, cords are clamped with hemostats and cut with scissors. Some midwives burn the cords, but that is fairly uncommon.

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