(newborn care at birth) Essential Interventions, Commodities, and Guidelines (Part II)

I have to say that I love love love the recommendations spelled out for Newborn Care Interventions at birth (listed below) in the WHO December 2011 report regarding Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health. In particular, Train Midwives Save Lives will work toward the third bullet point — Promotion and provision of hygienic cord and skin care — which boils down to ensuring that there is a cord clamp and scissors and clean birth kit available. ┬áThe basic clean birth kit includes a razor blade as opposed to scissors for cutting the cord and some sort of string instead of a cord clamp. ┬áBut knowing that we are on the right track, as well as all of the other amazing organizations that are putting together clean birth kits is always reassuring. Wherever we go, we will take clean birth kits. Back to that basic provision … having a clean surface for birth, clean hands and gloves, and a way to cu/tiet the umbilical cord. Such basic things. So many women and midwives who don’t have them …

Anyhow, here are the bullet points from the WHO report:

  • Promotion and provision of thermal care for all newborns to prevent hypothermia (immediate drying, warming, skin to skin, delayed bathing) (community, primary, referral)
  • Promotion and support for early initiation and exclusive breastfeeding (within the first hour) (community, primary, referral)
  • Promotion and provision of hygienic cord and skin care (community, primary, referral)
  • Neonatal resuscitation with bag and mask for babies who do not breathe at birth (primary, referral)
  • Newborn immunization (primary, referral)

Let’s make a difference!

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