TMSL Clean Birth Kit Instructions on the way to Nepal

Super Excited!

Several weeks ago, I posted the Clean Birth Kit Instructions (WARNING! Graphic) blog that included the actual graphic instructions to be used in birth kits. The main reason that I posted the instructions is so that others can download them and use them in their own clean birth kits.  I was immensely frustrated (and surprised) when I was unable to find printable instructions on the internet.  It just seems logical to me that, since clean birth kits all have the same contents, there should be easily to download and printable instruction sheets to include in them.  So, when a friend (Thank you Tauni!) created an instruction for Train Midwives Save Lives birth kits, I posted it on this blog in hopes that other people who are making clean birth kits would find the instructions and be able to use them.

Last week, I had my first contact from someone who is going to give the instructions a try in their kits. 


Dr. Paula Dhanda and her Worldwide Healing Hands team will be in Nepal in the fall to provide training and clean birth kits to Traditional Birth Attendants … and the instruction sheet will be included in the kits! I am really looking forward to getting feedback from the midwives in Nepal as to any changes that need to be made to the instructions.  Since Train Midwives Save Lives aims to develop pictorial training tools that can be used globally, the feedback from different locales is vital to making the project work

Excellent work! — Taking clean birth kits into Nepal and working to train TBAs!

[Note: When the graphic was downloaded, the quality wasn’t all that good … if you run into the same problem, just let me know and I’ll email the files directly to you.]

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6 thoughts on “TMSL Clean Birth Kit Instructions on the way to Nepal

  1. praiseternal says:

    Did you get the new ones I sent in top down style?

  2. Lisa Norris says:

    Hi there Train Midwives Save Lives! Your instruction sheet is exactly what I have been looking for. I am a midwife & member of a local midwives association in my area in NSW & we are putting together birthing kits & want to include a pictorial instruction sheet. I would really love to use yours if possible as we are running out of time to develop one ourselves. The one in the blog is very small so I was wondering if you could email me a larger, better quality version?
    Thank you so very kindly, keep up the good work!
    Lisa :-)

    • Lisa – Oh My! I fear that this comment was never responded to. I will send along, via email, the larger version of the instruction sheet. Most likely too late, but perhaps you can use it in the future. Thank you for the feedback.

  3. Lisa Norris says:

    I am from Newcastle, Australia & we have midwives going to Nepal, Papua New Guinea & Vanuatu in the coming months :-)

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi Carrie,
    No worries. I had a talented BMid student draw us up one but thank you for getting back to me. The birth kits were very well received.
    Kind regards,
    Lisa xo

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