I’ve been in Colorado for the last week or so and found myself very busy at home in the weeks leading up to this trip. My apologies for not blogging. We had planned on being in Haiti this week, but opted to delay the trip until later in the summer. We found that the people with whom we hope to meet while in Haiti are either not in-country right now or are busy working with short-term missionaries. It was decided that the best use of money would be to wait so that we can meet with everyone in one trip.

Tomorrow, we are having a planning meeting for work in Haiti. I’ll update you after that meeting.

In the meantime, I have been looking at what does “public health capacity building” in the developing world in relation to maternity care look like from Train Midwives Save Lives’ point-of-view. Generally capacity building means training more “skilled birth assistants.” ¬†Think about this … the capacity is potentially already available in most places. ¬†Traditional Birth Attendants are attending the vast majority of births. They are the “capacity”. Perhaps, working from the bottom up (with those already attending births) and building *their* capacity to save lives is a good approach.¬†

I’ve been in C…

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