Simone Pele, Prospare, Titiyen! Here we come!

It has been a stormy 6 months, getting this work in Haiti off the ground. But, at long last, we will go NEXT WEEK!  I am thankful that Tropical Storm Isaac wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and hopeful that we will be in Haiti between storms. Thank you to Lisa Buxman for her hard work bringing together connections in Haiti! Without you and your perseverance and patience, this trip would not be happening. What a joy it is to watch the Lord bring it all together! Lisa and I will be traveling together and are really looking forward to this launch trip of the Train Midwives Save Lives project.

20+ midwives from Simone Pele are confirmed to meet with us. I am very excited to learn from these midwives. They know so much and work with so little. We are taking clean birth kits, hopefully enough to get them through the coming months. If we are able to “train” nothing more than use of the clean birth kit, that will be a success story. But, we are prepared to talk birth with the midwives and share our knowledge and glean insight from them.

We will also be out in the villages of Prospare and Titiyen, which will be quite different than being in the city.  We’ll have the opportunity to (finally) pick up the messenger bags that were made months ago and to talk with midwives and deliver clean birth kits.

It could be an interesting time with increased cholera incidence.  I wanted to use the Global Health Media “The Story of Cholera” in Kreyol but the sad thing is that it just doesn’t make sense / isn’t realistic to think that we can show a film to the people with whom we’ll be working.  How to show the film? I will take it downloaded on my phone and use it if I can.  In the meantime, going prepared to talk about clean water and how to use bleach to make it safer.

I will try to post very frequently over the next week and some posts while we are out and about.

Next blog:  How to Assemble a Clean Birth Kit (online this weekend!)

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One thought on “Simone Pele, Prospare, Titiyen! Here we come!

  1. Ellie Allyn says:

    Blessings to you both as you get ready to head out ! I am so excited for you and looking forward to God accomplishing way beyond anything you are capable of thinking. Be blessed. Hugs – Ellie

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