No matter where you go…

I am forever amazed at how universal pregnancy and birth are. Pregnant women deal with the same issues, no matter where they are…blood pressure (high and low), anemia, swelling, headache, babies moving “a LOT”…and the midwife saying “Drink more water…eat more protein…” No matter where you go, “Drink more water, eat more protein.” The midwife’s mantra. Such a simple mantra…and so difficult to implement, especially when there really is not any water available and protein is a few beans. We had the privilege of going out to a relatively untouched village here in Haiti today. Much to our delight, almost 50 beautiful pregnant women showed up for prenatal care! What a pleasant surprise it was! The women were very open to chatting with us (through Jean our interpreter, who is amazing and patient). Pretty much every mama stays at home with a famn sage. We passed out tickets for them to come back to see uson Thursday to pick up clean birth kits. We invited the mamas to bring their famn sages with them…so it should be really interesting on Thursday! Thank you, John for inviting us out to help you for a day! Your work is amazing and inspiring! Off to bed! Tomorrow we go to Simone Pele.

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One thought on “No matter where you go…

  1. Sarah Grant says:

    You’re doing such an awesome thing, keep posting, I’m following you in prayer. :)

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