Here’s the reason for the existence of Train Midwives Save Lives: 529,000 women die due to complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth each year. Each woman leaves behind an average of two children, who are at significantly higher risk of dying in the two years following their mother’s death.

Most of these deaths can be prevented if and only if we work together to Train Midwives Save Lives. Teach midwives and lay people how to recognize and treat the events that cause these women to die (and get the tools they need in order to do that into their hands) and we will be saving millions of lives EACH YEAR.


From the blogger …

Have you wondered …

  • Who is writing this blog?
  • Where did the idea for Train Midwives Save Lives come from?
  • How will Train Midwives Save Lives actually do all of this stuff that is blogged about?

Here is a little additional “About” …

I am Carrie Blake. I’m a homebirth midwife in North Idaho with a passion for Global Health, especially when it involves women giving birth. You can learn more about me on my website www.northidahohomebirth.com .

This project has been growing in my heart since God first gave me the idea of becoming a homebirth midwife 10 years ago. 2012 promises to be an interesting year, as I have suddenly been given multiple opportunities to get out into the world and start making a difference and figuring out just exactly how it is that we can efficiently Train Midwives Save Lives.

What does that really mean, you ask? Ultimately, I would love to collaborate with other organizations, midwives, public health professionals, artists to creatively figure out a way to train the “unskilled birth attendants” (based on the World Health Organization’s definition of “skilled birth attendant”) in the most basic “skills” associated with the problems most prevalent in pregnancy and birth: postpartum hemorrage, pregnancy induced hypertension,  obstructed labor, and basic neonatal resuscitation. A pictorial, modular training that could be used by any “skilled birth attendant” to train and “unskilled birth attendant” will hopefully be the end result.

This means trying to spend time out in the world of the traditional birth attendants (TBAs). While I’m there learning about their work and how they do things and why or why they don’t do certain things, I hope to make immediate impact on MDGs 4 and 5 by delivering clean birth kits wherever I have the opportunity to go.  There are times when I will go with one or two other midwives who have connections into a particular area and there will probably be times when I go with an organized NGO. I do not want to be a lone ranger on this journey and this blog is really about casting the vision in hopes that others will join in.

Train Midwives Save Lives is not set up as a nonprofit yet.

See the Money & Materials page for details on how to donate and anticipated needs for the coming year.

One thought on “About

  1. Katie Ericksen says:

    I love what you’re doing right now, Carrie! I hope all is going well – we miss you! Love, Katie and Cameron Ericksen

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