It is the belief of Train Midwives Save Lives that it is possible to provide pictorial training in essential life-saving skills that traditional birth attendants can use to change the landscape of birth outcomes.

Train Midwives Save Lives is working to build relationships and improve maternal and infant outcomes in Haiti. Many midwives are doing many amazing things in Haiti. We are excited to come alongside those who are already working in Haiti and distribute clean birth kits in Simone Pele (Port au Prince) and in surrounding villages.

Part of our work in Haiti also involves working with a sewing project to support local economy and have access to well-made, unique messenger bags that are made specifically for Train Midwives Save Lives.

It is not our goal to impose our idea of what is right on the sage femmes. Rather, we hope to establish long-term relationships, provide clean birth kits, and in the long-run provide simple training on postpartum hemorrhage and essential newborn care (in particular neonatal resuscitation).

It is with humble hearts and open minds that we are making this trip. There is so much work that *can* be done. It is our hope to come alongside the midwives working in the trenches without even the most basic evidence-based education or tools.

We seek on-going  donations for work in Haiti as well as other locations. Each trip to Haiti costs $1500-$2000 per midwife per week in country. This breaks down to: Airfare $800, Birth Kits $500-$1000 (we take as many as possible each time), Interpreter $500, Lodging $300, Car Rental $800.

This work has the potential to dramatically decrease the mortality rates related to birth for women and children. It is so important and so humbling to be setting off on a journey that may change the course of thousands (even millions over the years) of lives. It may change the course of women’s lives in that they will survive childbirth when, otherwise, they may not have. It may change the course of children’s lives in that they will survive birth when, otherwise, they may not have, and they will have their mothers to raise them.

Join the trek!

2 thoughts on “Haiti

  1. Nathalie says:

    When is this trip? I am a Haitian american nursing student and would like to attend.

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